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Six56 Langtree Application - Appleton Thorn

Planning Application Number: 2019/34799


This is application is to build yet more industrial units (sheds) on Greetbelt Land in Appleton Thorn. Whilst this is close to the Motorway network, the area does not have nor proposed the necessary infrastructure to handle 12000 vehicle movements per day.

It is clear that the developer, Langtree, have invested much time and money in this proposal, assisted and verbally approved throughout by WBC (their own words). They have wild claims about the infrastructure being in place but anyone who uses that area will know that the roads are at capacity already.

We feel the issue with this proposal (as per the Stobart application) is that it does not demonstrate ANY special circumstance for developing the Greenbelt nor does it give Warrington the types of jobs or opportunities it needs moving forward (mainly lower paid jobs who cannot live locally). It will significantly harm the environment adding more traffic and pollution on to the already congested road network. 

There are a couple of ways to comment . . . and we urge you to do so;

a) Complete the on line form by selecting the link here (please remember you have 10 mins to finish the form, so it is best to write elsewhere and then copy/paste into the form):

b) Send an email to with your comments, name, address and postcode. Reference the planning application in the title and body of your email (2019/34799)

So what are the actual grounds, from a planning perspective, that are valid in an objection?  Here are a few ideas starting with the purposes of Greenbelt

  • Building of this centre on Greenbelt land would not safeguard the countryside from encroachment.

  • Building this centre on Greenbelt land would destroy the setting and specialist character of this part of Warrington.

  • Building of this centre rather than using derelict or other urban land e.g. the airfield is contrary to the purpose having Greenbelt.

  • The additional number of HGV vehicles using the local road infrastructure will add to the existing gridlock on local roads and motorways resulting in increased congestion and air pollution.

  • Warrington already has some of the highest levels of air pollution in the UK.  WBC has said itself in its Air Quality Action Plan “we have estimated poor air quality causes approximately 145 premature deaths per year”. See also the RSWF Air Quality Report.

  • Higher numbers of HGV movements will place additional demands on infrastructure that are already over capacity are not sustainable.

  • Building on Greenbelt land will result in a loss of biodiversity.

  • The type of employment being proposed by Stobarts had not been fully described so it is not clear what economic benefit they would bring to Warrington. Many of their existing workforce commute from areas other than Warrington, which increases congestion and decreases air-quality.

  • Some 12000 additional vehicle movements per day of both staff and HGVs will cause increased noise pollution for local residents.  It is already well known that Stobarts lorries drive down Stretton Road and through local villages even though they are not supposed to.

The Six56 Proposal​ - Aerial View

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