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In July 2017 Warrington Borough Council (WBC) published their Preferred Development Option (PDO) and circulated it for consultation. By the time the consultation closed, an unprecedented circa 4500 individual responses had been received, the vast majority of which were against the over development of South Warrington as detailed in the PDO.


During the PDO the poorly managed WBC consultation stage a number of residents groups evolved, with the aim of supporting residents understand the impact the PDO would have on their neighbourhoods & surrounding districts. 

The PDO was not only ill-conceived but had enormous negative consequences for the borough as a whole. Such was the strength of feeling, these groups helped formulate individual responses and some facilitated professional expert advice.


Following the PDO consultation and towards the end of 2017, a new coordination group was formed to pool resources and expertise to support South Warrington as a whole. This organisation is called Rethinking South Warrington (RSWF) and was originally born from the following groups:

  • Care/NDP Group - Appleton Thorn

  • Church Lane Residents Group

  • Moore Residents Group

  • Stockton Lane Residents Group

  • Stretton Residents Group

  • Sustainable South Warrington Group - Appleton & Grappenhall Heys residents

  • Weaste Lane Residents Group

  • WA4 Strategy Group

RSWF is responsible for ensuring there is a more collective and coordinated response to the next stages of the Draft Local Plan (DLP) and beyond. To obtain greater alignment between individual residents, local residents groups, key stakeholders and the Parish Councils of South Warrington.

In March 2019 WBC finally published their revised new Local Plan and gave it a not-so catchy new name 'Warrington Local Plan - Proposed Submission Version'.  The PSV is now the document which WBC will use moving forward and is expected to be placed in from of the full council on March 25th 2019.


RSWF is a not-for-profit organisation helping all the residents of South Warrington get a fair planning and development deal from the larger borough. We are run by volunteers and survives solely on donations from our local people.  These donations are used to fund an support our key objectives;

  • Support the funding of external planning consultants to advise and guide RSWF, Parish Councils and importantly the residents on consultation responses.

  • Ensuring WBC plans are effectively communicated to residents, where WBC fail to do so (as the case with the PDO)

  • To facilitate events, documentation and other forms of communication in support of the above.

  • To help ensure the town's representatives are following correct procedure and acting in the interests of their electorate.

It should be pointed out that whilst RSWF will support the Parish Councils in getting a fair deal for the area, they are not affiliated to any political party or ward. We welcome those across the area who would like join our members.


We need your donations, however small. Please follow the link below where you can use PayPal or card to donate. Alternatively you can post donations to:


RSWF Treasurer

2 Mosswood Hall Cottage

Stretton Road




(Cheques payable to 'Rethinking South Warrington's Future')

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