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Welcome to the 'Rethinking South Warrington's Future' or RSWF webpage. 

The new PDO/DLP is out and now entitled the 'Warrington Local Plan - Proposed Submission Version'. Just as previous incarnations, it (poorly) details Warrington's future vision for the borough in terms of development. We at RSWF consider the plans do not represent the best for the whole of Warrington and are here to guide and help get the information to the most important people of Warrington, the residents!

The best way to keep up to date is to follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds as these will contain the latest releases and we will comment when we add information to this website. 

This website will contain or have links to the relevant documents you will need to keep informed. Please take the time to browse or site and tell us what you think.

We appreciate that not everyone uses the internet yet they still need to be informed. Therefore, and in conjunction with the South Warrington Parrish Councils, we have held presentation evenings and leaflet drops which will cover the whole of the South. We hope that you find us a great information resource and we encourage you tell all your friends and neighbours about Warrington's plans, and of course RSWF.

If you would like join us, just get in touch via this or our Facebook pages.  If you would like to help financially you could donate.... perhaps the price of a 'posh coffee'? Just click on the link below, it couldn't be more simple. Thanks

We are a not-for-profit organisation. Please click on "about us" at the top of the page for more information.

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Local Plan Page

More detail on the WLP (PSV)

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Read our submissions here:

Transport Plan

More Detail About LPT4

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Read our submissions here:

Six56 Proposal

More detail on the Langtree Application at Appleton

Deadline for comments now 21st June 2019

Air Quality

Read the RSWF Report into Warrington's Air Quality


How we plan to help all of Warrington fight the wholesale destruction of greenbelt in the South of the town

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Information Resource

Gain information, advice , important links etc 

Audiovisual Conference


Keeping you informed of upcoming events. Organising briefing sessions.


Informing Everyone!

Every household in South Warrington will receive information through their door